Watch: Trump DROPS F-BOMB During California Rally

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Former President Donald Trump didn’t hold back when discussing the vicious lawfare attacks launched against him by Democrats, highlighting how his indictments are a form of election interference designed to cripple his reelection efforts.

Speaking at the California Republican Party’s autumn convention in Anaheim last week, Trump dropped a massive “F” bomb when describing how Democrats are sickeningly using the courts to destroy their political competition, eliciting massive cheers and applause from audience members in attendance.

“If you become president and you don’t like somebody, or if somebody is beating you by 10, 15, or 20 points, like we’re doing with Crooked Joe Biden – ‘Let’s indict the motherfucker!’” Trump said, prompting the room to erupt in cheers.

Trump’s genuine cavalier, unfiltered, tell-it-like-it-is attitude is one of the many reasons constituents are drawn to the former president and his unorthodox approach to politics.

Watch Trump’s full speech below:

The globalists are increasing their attacks on Infowars and the stakes have never been higher!

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