WATCH: Invaders ‘Claim’ Texas Island With Venezuelan Flag as Illegals Continue Storming Border

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Illegal aliens ‘claimed’ an island in the Rio Grande by planting a Venezuelan flag on Texas soil this week as the invasion of the United States continues unabated, according to reports.

On Monday, Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) spokesman Lt. Chris Olivarez shared footage of large foreign flag waving on a small island in the border river near Eagle Pass.

“The Eagle Pass area continues to experience an influx of illegal immigrants – the majority from Venezuela,” Lt. Olivarez wrote.

“Some decided to claim a Texas island by placing a flag from Venezuela – that was quickly taken care of by our DPS Tactical Marine Unit.”

TxDPS troopers can be seen descending on the island in air boats and taking the flag down.

Long a hotspot during the Biden border crisis, the siege of Eagle Pass has reached unprecedented proportions in recent days as up to 10,000 mostly-Venezuelan illegal migrants stormed the Texas city during a 24-hour span last week — just a day after more than 2,200 aliens did the same.

More than 11,000 illegal aliens were encountered at the U.S. border on Sunday, many of whom crossed into Eagle Pass, CBP sources told NewsNation correspondent Ali Bradley.

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Thousands more migrants reportedly traveling by train to Piedras Negras, Mexico, will likely cross illegally into Eagle Pass in the coming days.

Earlier this month, Border Hawk was the first to report that hundreds of migrants hailing mostly from Venezuela were arriving via trains every day in Piedras Negras.

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