WATCH: Alex Jones Gives Reality Check on the Globalist Persecution of Russell Brand

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Watch & share Alex Jones providing a succinct breakdown of the politics of the globalist persecution against Russell Brand and how the whole campaign is brazenly executed from an exhausted playbook of character assassination.

“Russell Brand is being railroaded,” said Jones Saturday. “The exact same intelligence agency factions that set up Julian Assange with CIA sex operatives – that’s on record –  and who also have falsely convicted civilly President Trump of rape in New York are using the same formula against anybody that challenges Big Pharma, the war in Ukraine, the destruction of our borders, and the whole WEF takeover of our planet.”

Jones went on to remind the public how the media is politically selective on what scandals to address and how they are covered, namely Prince Andrew’s relationship with American financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein as well as the human trafficking going on in Ukraine and America’s Southern Border.

“The media doesn’t care about that, they care about Russell Brand,” said Jones. “That’s why Nigel Farage, myself, Tucker Carlson, and countless others have come out and said: ‘We see government fingerprints on this.’”

Notably, Russell Brand broke his silence Friday and called out the UK government for collaborating with the media and Big Tech to censor him.

Both Brand and Jones stressed how vital alternative platforms are in these times.

“[All of this] is why we have a channel on Rumble as well,” added Jones. “We also have and with our media if you want to see what they’re trying to suppress.”

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“I stand with Russell Brand, you should too. He’s innocent, it’s totally clear this is synthetic, it’s a setup by the evil corrupt Deep State. I’ll see you at”

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