The War Drums Grow Louder Every Day/More War Monday/The Rob Maness Show EP 268

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The Israeli war against Hamas appears to have moved into the ground phase in spite of attempts by the US and UN to have a truce to allow for more so-called humanitarian aid, which is really just re-supply of Hamas, the government and terrorists who control Gaza and committed the October 7th atrocities. Verified reports that they even put a baby into an oven in front of its mother while they raped and murdered her. This is tough stuff and it gets worse as rally’s in support of the Hamas atrocities and calling for extermination of the Jews are happening all over the world. Its important to note that Jewish people are being attacked at these rallies giving them a dramatically familiar feel of the German Nazi Pogroms that resulted in events like Krystal Nacht. The calls for an American-led world war three are now in the open among American propaganda press outlets with very few national security experts appealing for a diplomatic approach to most of what is happening. Even the new speaker of the house Mike Johnson appears to be on board. As you can see by the Turkish President’s speech, a geopolitical shift in allegiances are happening swiftly, presenting very high risks to alliances such as NATO.

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