Peace Through Strength Is More Than A Slogan | The Rob Maness Show EP 271

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We have achieved peace through strength before, but can we again? In an oped published on October 17th, President Donald J. Trump said “Every step of the way, Joe Biden has empowered and emboldened America’s enemies the world over—and clearly none more so than the terrorist group Hamas, and their bloodthirsty sponsor, the villainous regime in Iran. When I left office, Iran was weak, broke, and desperate to make a deal. I told other nations, including China, that if you buy oil from Iran, you can’t do business in the United States. Virtually all complied. Iran’s terrorist regime was careening toward bankruptcy, hemorrhaging money, and could barely pay the salaries of their radical Islamic thugs. I hammered Iranian oil exports down to a record low. But then Biden came in, loosened my sanctions, and today Iran is producing more than three million barrels a day. Iran went from making little money under me to raking in at least $80 billion a year under Biden. Iran knew that Biden was soft, foolish, and able to be pushed around the very moment he assumed office.” Now we are truly on the precipice of facing two major regional conflicts (MRCs), Europe and the Middle East, and with China observing from the wings, a real possibility of World War 3. Our current armed forces are not resourced for more than one MRC and to fight against terrorism.

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Col. Rob Maness
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