REPORT: Shock Video Shows NYPD Taking Groceries to Provide for Illegals

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Alarming footage out of New York City shows law enforcement confiscating groceries to reportedly give to illegal immigrants cared for by policies authored by Democrat lawmakers.

“They’re taking the guy’s food, man!” Said the cameraman in the now-viral post on X that was recorded last Thursday.

Interestingly, the officials were only targeting food that was on display outside the grocery, according to reports.

“Look at this, they’re taking food from the supermarkets, the cops,” said the cameraman. “They’re taking the people’s food now.”

The incident is the latest outcry from New Yorkers who have had enough of Mayor Adams’ sanctuary city policies.

Last month, New Yorkers swarmed a Democrat press conference to shout: “Close the border!”

Nationwide, blue cities are overwhelmed by the constant influx of illegals with no prospects that are entirely dependent on the state.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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