MSNBC Reporters Criticize Israel, Claim Hamas Attacks Deserve ‘Context’

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Pundits on MSNBC blamed Israel on Saturday after Hamas attacked the country that killed over 600 people and injured thousands more.

Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist organization, launched a brutal attack on Israel Saturday, firing thousands of rockets and streaming across the border massacring civilians and taking others hostage.

Anchor Ali Velshi said U.S. politicians advocating for Israel, mostly Republicans, are ignoring the “nuance” of the situation and blasted “Israel’s inhumane treatment of the Palestinians who live under Israeli occupation.”

Palestinian political analyst Nour Odeh agreed, calling Israel an “occupying power” that brought the Hamas attacks on itself.

“Unfortunately you’re right. American politicians and other politicians think they can just ignore the context in which all of this is happening. The fact that Israel is an occupying power,” Odeh said.

“The fact that Israel has violated international law and Palestinian rights as per the experts: the leading UN agencies and leading human rights organization around the world like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. Their work is reliable and acted on in other areas but not here.”

Later in the segment, MSNBC foreign correspondent Matt Bradley called Hamas’ attack on Israel a “gift” for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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“I couldn’t think of a better gift for Benjamin Netanyahu right now than this kind of incursion,” he said.

In another exchange, MSNBC political commentator Ayman Mohyeldin expressed concern for the Palestinians after the attack, claiming Netanyahu leads “the most far, extremist, Jewish nationalist government that it has existed.”

“What are you going to do? Are you going to re-occupy the Gaza Strip? Repopulate it with settlements? Are you going in there to try to kill every Hamas leader?” Mohyeldin asked. “They’ve been doing that for years. That has not changed.”

Contrary to MSNBC’s slanted reporting, Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, and Hamas took control of the area in 2007. However, Israel still controls the region’s borders and airspace.

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