Israeli Soldier Tells CNN War Is NOT Just With Hamas But ALL CIVILIANS

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During a recent interview with CNN, Israeli soldier Betzalel Taljah told anchor Abby Phillip the Israeli Defense Forces are at war with all Palestinian civilians, not just Hamas terrorists.

“The war is not just with Hamas but with all the CIVILIANS that cannot see us as human beings that want to kill us,” he said.

Talijah described how he found his mother in the streets of her kibbutz with bullet holes riddled through her body.

“We came to the body. We see the body is our mom and full of bullets from head to toe with a package of snacks she wanted to give the kids so they wouldn’t be afraid of the attack,” he explained.

The soldier went on, saying he found houses and old ladies “blown up” and claimed Hamas treated the ambush “like a game.”

Max Blumenthal, editor of The Grayzone News, pointed out on X that the CNN anchor didn’t push back when Talijah declared the war is against Palestinian civilians.

Blumenthal noted a recent social media post where Phillip wrote, “Awful and sickening” regarding a Chicago-area landlord’s recent fatal stabbing of a 6-year-old boy who he reportedly killed “because he’s Muslim.”

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“CNN’s Abby Phillip hosted an Israeli soldier who insisted ‘the war is not just with Hamas, the war is with all the civilians.’ She did not challenge his genocidal mentality, which was apparently shared by the killer of the 6-year-old boy she’s pining for,” Blumenthal wrote.

The X “community notes” section claimed the soldier’s comment is being taken out of context because he only wants to go to war with civilians “that cannot see” Israelies “as human beings” and “want to kill us” because “civilians from Gaza” allegedly took part in the attack.

Mainstream media continues sowing division across the globe as the elite appear ready to push the planet into WWIII.

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