Israel Set to Become Second Largest Receiver of US Aid – Statistics

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Israel looks set to emerge as the second biggest net receiver of US financial assistance after requesting a record $10 billion in emergency aid this week, statistics showed.

An American newspaper cited officials familiar with the request as saying Monday that the Israel aid package enjoyed bipartisan support in the US Congress and was expected to go to a vote in the weeks following President Joe Biden’s solidarity trip to Israel on Wednesday.

If approved, the aid granted by the United States to Israel in the past two decades would by far outstrip financial support provided to Ukraine over the same period, placing Israel second only to Afghanistan in numerical terms.

Data published by the Department of State indicates that Israel received $63.1 billion in US aid from 2001-2023, averaging $3 billion per year, while Ukraine came fifth with $30.4 billion, most of which was granted in the past two years. As of late September, Afghanistan has been the top receiver with $111.7 billion in US funding.

Washington has dished out hundreds of billions of dollars in aid to its allies over more than 20 years. Iraq received $64.4 billion, Egypt $33.6 billion, Jordan $23.5 billion, Pakistan and Ethiopia $17.5 billion apiece, Kenya $13.3 billion, and Colombia $12.2 billion.

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