Illegal Aliens Robbed by Fellow Illegals During Multiple Attacks Near NYC Migrant Shelters

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Illegal aliens were targeted in multiple violent robberies in New City over the weekend by suspects who may all be illegally present in the U.S., according to reports. 

Four victims were attacked by eight suspects, and all 12 parties involved are staying at migrant shelters in the Big Apple. 

The first incident unfolded at around 2:40 p.m. on Saturday near Irving Place in Manhattan. 

A male illegal alien was standing outside a city-run shelter where he was staying when he was approached by two men residing at the same facility, the New York Post reports, citing a source. 

The suspects knocked the victim to the ground and pressed a sharp object against his neck. 

“I know you have money,” one of the suspects said. 

The suspects grabbed the man’s wallet and fled the scene, but were apprehended a short time later. 

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They were identified as 31-year-old Masael Aguilar, a suspected Sureño-13 gang member, and Steven Cuatlati, 32. 

“Aguilar and Cuatlati each have long rap sheets dating back to 2010,” the Post reports. 

“Aguilar has 16 prior arrests, according to the sources. Cuatlati, who is not a documented gang member, has been arrested six times, with half of those cases still open, the sources said.”

Their immigration statuses are reportedly unclear. 

The next morning, at around 10:15 a.m., a trio of illegal aliens were attacked and robbed by a mob of armed illegals near another shelter on Randall’s Island. 

The victims, two women and a man, were beaten and struck with a metal chain and sharp object. 

The suspects stole cell phones and $100 cash and fled on foot. 

“Responding cops rounded up and arrested the six suspects: Jose Reyes, 24; Eduardo Perez, 25; Yisnaldi Perez, also 25; Frank Cardozo-Sarmiento, 26; Rubio Jose, 31, and Gregorio Perezcova, 33,” the Post reports. 

All six suspects live at the same migrant shelter on the island. 

Two of the victims were taken to Harlem Hospital and listed in stable condition. 

InfoWars has been documenting the increase of violent crime in the U.S. involving illegal alien perpetrators and victims amid the Biden border catastrophe

According to ancient history, religion, mythology, and occult tradition, they are not human.

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