‘I Want To Buy One’: Trump Poses With Custom ‘Trump 45’ Glock at Palmetto State Armory

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Former President Donald Trump visited the Palmetto State Armory in Summerville, South Carolina, where he was presented a custom “Trump 45” Glock pistol made in his honor.

After being presented the custom firearm, Trump indicated, “I want to buy one.”

In a follow-up, left-leaning news aggregator The Recount reported, “A Trump spokesperson later said he purchased the gun,” adding, “which would be an apparent violation of federal law.”

NBC News reports Trump aide Steven Cheung had released the video of the former president saying he wanted to buy the firearm, and “said that Trump purchased the semi-automatic pistol.”

However, Cheung later deleted the tweet, and Trump’s “campaign later told NBC News that Trump did not actually end up completing the purchase.”

While many liberal outlets worked themselves into a frenzy claiming Trump’s gun purchase would have been against the law, CNBC in an article Monday quietly admitted the law barring someone under indictment from purchasing a firearm was recently ruled to be unconstitutional.

From CNBC:

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Federal law bars people under indictment from buying a gun.

However, that statute was ruled to be unconstitutional by a federal judge in Texas in September 2022. The judge in that ruling cited a Supreme Court decision that struck down a New York gun restriction earlier that year, calling into question a slew of gun control laws.

Despite the gun sale not happening, Pro-Trump Twitter (now known as X) was ecstatic over the president’s unwavering commitment to the Second Amendment.

Trump’s visit to the Palmetto State Armory came ahead of a huge campaign speech in Summerville.

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