Horrific Ukraine War Footage Shows a Drone Dropping Explosives on a Soldier Begging For His Life

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Disturbing footage has surfaced of a drone dropping explosives on a Russian soldier begging for his life in Ukraine, according to reports.

The video was posted online Thursday, the same time Ukrainian President Zelensky was in Washington D.C. when Biden announced a $325 million aid package for the cause.

The drone footage, posted by X user “@GloOouD” shows the wounded man (whom the pro-Ukraine account refers to as “Ork”) waving both his hands and pointing to his bloodied leg, only to have another explosive dropped over him.

“War crimes being admitted,” said Mike Cernovich. “We told y’all early on but you denied it.”

Similarly, the comments section was loaded with people saying they just witnessed a war crime.

During Zelensky’s Capitol Hill visit Thursday, President Biden reiterated what came with the $325 million aid package.

“Today I approved the next tranche of U.S. security assistance to Ukraine including more artillery, more ammunition, more anti-tank weapons and next week, the first U.S. Abrams tanks will be delivered to Ukraine.”

Also, a major development in the war this week was when the Pentagon exempted its Ukraine operations from being impacted by a government shutdown should lawmakers fail to strike a deal on how to fund the swamp.

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“Operation Atlantic Resolve is an excepted activity under a government lapse in appropriations,” said DOD spokesperson Chris Sherwood to POLITICO Thursday.

Radio host Alex Jones broke the latest on this alarming development Friday:

BREAKING: Pentagon Overlords Exempt Ukraine Operations From Government Shutdown

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