Elon Musk Warns “We Are Sleepwalking Our Way Into World War Three”

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During a Twitter/X Spaces discussion Monday, owner Elon Musk warned that he believes the West is “sleepwalking our way into world war three,” and “putting civilization itself at stake.”

Musk noted that America is lagging behind both China and Russia in terms of industrial output, and that Western leaders are pushing those two nations closer together “in an axis of immense power against the west, and laying the groundwork for World War Three.”

Musk explained “Russia has the raw materials, and China has the industrial capacity,” adding “It’s frankly, a perfect match from a war standpoint. So I think we need to stop doing that. It’s unwise, and I think will lead to an immense risk to civilisation.”

He continued, “I want to emphasise like that, there’s civilisational risk – there are tragedies on an individual level, tragedies on a community level, and then there’s civilisational risk. We just need to make sure that we’re not putting civilization itself at stake, which is World War Three.”

“I think we are sleepwalking our way into World War Three,” Musk further noted, adding “Really, people should be deeply self reflective. If they make their predictions have not come true. They should consider whether perhaps there are other predictions might not come true either.”

“What is the track record here?” Musk continued, noting that there is no longer anyone alive who remembers how horrific world wars are and that everyone today is “coddled.”


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