Clashes Erupt in UK As Thousands Take To Streets for Pro-Palestine Protest

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Clashes erupted between police and pro-Palestinian protesters on Saturday as tens of thousands took to the streets in support of Palestine amid IDF airstrikes on Gaza in the wake of Hamas attack on Israel.

“Metropolitan Police has deployed more than 1,000 officers to patrol the area during the march,” The Sun reported.

“Around 50,000 people in London alone are estimated to be marching in solidarity with Palestine and demanding Israel stops its bombing of Gaza.”

Protestors waved Palestinian flags and placards saying “Free Palestine” as they gathered in London surrounded by hundreds of police officers.

A Met Police statement said: “Any person participating in or associated with the ‘Palestine Solidarity Campaign’ protest must not deviate from the route below or they may be subject to arrest.”

Earlier this week, UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman declared displaying the Palestinian flag or chanting in support of Hamas could both cause Brits to be arrested.

But it appears police are also arresting British counter protesters who wave the Union Jack flag too.

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The protest comes after former chief of Hamas Khaled Meshal called for a global day of rage against supporters of Israel worldwide.

From The Sun:

Scotland Yard is prepared for unrest in the capital as rising tensions in the Middle East threatens to spark violence in Britain.

The DAC said the UK counter terrorism network is looking into whether there is an “increased likelihood of attacks”.

Metropolitan Police deputy assistant commissioner Laurence Taylor “added that the UK threat level remains at ‘substantial’ – meaning an attack is likely,” The Sun noted.

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