‘Chicago! Denver!’ Invading Illegals Declare Sanctuary Cities They Plan to Inhabit

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Footage from the southern U.S. border in El Paso, Texas, shows hordes of military-aged male illegal aliens announcing the sanctuary cities they plan to invade, with many declaring “Chicago” as their preferred destination.

Captioning the video, investigative journalist Anthony Aguero who’s on the ground documenting the invasion noted the City of El Paso “is sending them to New York.”

“It’s not just Governor @GovAbbott,” Aguero wrote, cautioning Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams and video journalist @ViralNewsNYC that “they’re headed your way.”

“@ElPasoTXGov has rented out hundreds of hotel rooms for these individuals and not one homeless American has been accommodated. Over 75,000 special interest aliens have been released in to the country,” Aguero wrote, adding the hashtag, “#WeaponizedMigration.”

While residents of New York City have been staging demonstrations against migrants being housed by the city in temporary shelters, citizens of the City of Chicago, Illinois, have also been voicing frustration with the migrant influx.

However, despite citizens’ complaints, Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson has insisted Chicago will remain a sanctuary city welcoming to illegals.

The startling footage out of Texas comes as the U.S. is seeing record illegal immigration in recent months, as tens of thousands of migrants traverse the open southern border with impunity.

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Aguero last week also interviewed dozens of illegal immigrants sitting along the U.S. border wall in Arizona, with many declaring they were headed for New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and California.

The time appears to be approaching when the Democrat mayors of sanctuary cities will need to revise their immigration policies, or potentially face the anger of citizens who are frustrated with the misuse of taxpayer funds.

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