California Probes Classic Car Owners Amid ‘Zero-Emission Zone’ Proposals

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A state survey questioning classic car location and usage, coupled with the proposal of zero-emission zones in California, has put the classic car industry on edge, with many fearing woke climate change legislation could ultimately lead to a crackdown on classic cars.

In an Aug. 2 survey sent to owners of vehicles made in 1978 and earlier obtained by the Daily Caller, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) asked classic car owners about their driving habits, mileage and in which county they operate their vehicles.

“Approximately how many miles does your MY 1978 or older vehicle get driven in a year? Please specify,” one question asks.

“How often is your MY 1978 or older vehicle driven?” another question asks.

The invasive survey probing classic gas-powered vehicle usage comes as CARB has in the past proposed allowing zero-emission zones in California, with a 2019 draft report advocating for the state to “provide explicit authority to local jurisdictions to create zero-emission zones” to fight climate change.

The “zero-emission zones” appear to be eerily similar to the Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) scheme in the UK which seeks to tax drivers daily for driving within the zone.

CARB’s survey, along with their past support of zero-emission zones, not to mention California’s carbon neutrality by 2045 goal, are why the numerous classic car enthusiasts in The Golden State are worried.

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In an interview with car magazine Hemmings last week, a CARB spokesperson attempted to assuage concerns the state was encroaching on California’s beloved classic car culture, characterizing the survey as “simply routine data updates” that had “nothing to do with vehicle ‘bans’.”

Owners of classic vehicles sounding off in Hemmings’ comment section weren’t buying the government lackey’s spiel and urged other motorists to remain highly suspicious of California’s woke climate initiatives and the EV agenda.

“Being a Northern California native and classic car owner, I have ZERO faith the hyper-woke California State Assembly will allow classics to operate without a new tax, fee or penalty of some kind. I have seen this scenario play out far too often to believe this is simply ‘data gathering’. In a state that outlaws gas stoves, gas operated lawnmowers, weed eaters, hedge trimmers and more, there is no end to the inane intrusions,” wrote one commenter.

“I have lived in California since 1956. I am a car guy. My current love is a 1967 Mustang. California is the essence of autocratic leftist politics supported by a mindless obedient corps of bureaucratic lackeys. There is no doubt in 10 years it will be illegal to operate a pre-1975 built automobile in California without a ‘special’ license. Never trust this government,” commented another keen Hemmings reader.

“If they are telling you not to worry it’s time to worry. DO NOT trust any agency thats connected to the left wing loonies in the government of California! How many examples do we have where they say one thing and the opposite happens!” warned another commenter.

“I’m from the California Government California Air Resources Board and I’m here to help – it’s ‘simply routine data updates’ – OH SURE! Looks and sounds like the same path that was taken in Cuba with their firearms,” yet another commenter noted.

It’s encouraging to see classic car owners awake to the tyranny before them, but it remains to be seen if the radical climate cult leftists and their insane policies can be stopped before they’re able to destroy this vestige of Americana.

The globalists are increasing their attacks on Infowars and the stakes have never been higher!

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