‘You Have No Choice’: Trump Vows to ‘Lock People Up’ Upon Return to White House

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Former President Donald Trump pledged he will “lock people up” if reelected for the presidency in 2024.

Radio host Glenn Beck asked Trump in an interview on Tuesday if he regretted not locking up Hillary Clinton and if he would fulfill a promise to lock up Deep State operatives this time if reelected.

“You said in 2016, you know, ‘lock her up.’ And then when you became president, you said, ‘We don’t do that in America.’ That’s just not the right thing to do. That’s what they’re doing. Do you regret not locking her up? And if you’re president again, will you lock people up?” Beck asked Trump.

Trump replied, “Well, I’ll give you an example. The answer is you have no choice because they’re doing it to us.”

“I always had such great respect for the office of the president and the presidency, and I never hit Biden as hard as I could have. And then I heard he was trying to indict me and it was him that was doing it.”

Trump elaborated on the Biden regime’s coordination with Democrat operatives prosecuting criminal cases against him in several jurisdictions in hopes of preventing him from winning the 2024 election.

“You know, I don’t think he’s sharp enough to think about much, but he was there and he was probably the one giving the order,” Trump explained. “But he was, you know, hard to believe that he even thinks about that because he’s gone. But then I said, well, they’re actually trying to indict me because every one of these indictments is him, including Bragg. But he put his top people.”

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“I don’t know if you know this, he put his top person into the office of the Manhattan district attorney,” he continued. “They’ve been in total coordination with Fani Willis. The woman that I never met, that they accused me of rape, that’s being run by a Democrat, a Democrat operative, and paid for by the Democrat party.”

“You know, so many these days, I have a couple of other lawsuits all funded against me by the Democrats. But these are sick people. These are evil people,” he added.

Though it’s a shame Trump didn’t have the DOJ indict Hillary Clinton over her RussiaGate conspiracy and destruction of subpoenaed emails, perhaps he can get it right this time if he manages to win the election despite the Democrats’ blatant election interference.

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