WATCH: Police Launch Sweeping Crackdown as Dirt Bike Rowdies Terrorize Massachusetts Residents

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Authorities arrested a slew of suspects and seized nearly 20 off-road vehicles during a crackdown on dangerous riders who have been wreaking havoc in Massachusetts.

Last week’s joint operation in Lawrence, a city roughly 30 miles outside of Boston, involved more than half a dozen local and state agencies.

At least seven people were arrested, 10 criminal summonses and 50 citations were issued, and 18 dirt bikes and ATVs were impounded – many of which are believed to have been stolen.

A Massachusetts State Police (MSP) Air Wing helicopter was used to locate and track riders from the sky as officers pursued them on the ground.

Aerial footage of multiple busts was published on social media by MSP.

“Many times, the operators of the dirt bikes were driving throughout the city at high speeds and with no regard for traffic laws,” MSP explained in a press release.

“After fleeing MSP and local police ground units, some operators tried to conceal their vehicles at locations off the roadway. Other operators abandoned their bikes and fled on foot. Using the helicopter’s mapping system, the MSP flight crew provided location information allowing. responding cruisers to uncover and seize these vehicles and locate the operators.”

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Last week, an MSP Gang Unit trooper was reportedly injured while apprehending a violent suspect riding an ATV in Lawrence.

MSP has executed similar operations in other Massachusetts cities, including Springfield and Brockton.

InfoWars has been documenting the surge of criminal activity related to motorcycle and ATV riders in the United States and also Europe, where youths — often with migration backgrounds — engage in dangerous “urban rodeos.”

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