Vote Yes On The Continuing Resolution – Send Them Packing | The Rob Maness Show EP245

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The continuing resolution debate happening right now is the best indication that Speaker McCarthy is not in compliance with the agreement he made to gain his speakership and he could easily do it because here is the list of items he must do – regular budget order – 12 individual budget/appropriations bills, single subject spending bills, no balanced budget, return to pre-covid spending levels (government spending grew 40%), a term limits vote, ALL J6 tapes released, Impeachment – accountability for Biden crime family. It is extremely difficult to defeat and incumbent congress member no matter what party they are in. In Mississippi’s 4th District we voters did exactly that the last election cycle and replaced our congressman with another one, in a race where all challengers ran on America First platforms. Well, guess what, that Congressman, Mike Ezell, has a challenger because he’s not doing the things he said he would do, In fact he voted for the debt deal that removed budget power from the new GOP majority congress right out of the gate. Businessman and entrepreneur Carl Boyanton, who was one of the challengers against the last MS4 incumbent, has officially announced his decision to primary Mr. Ezell. So far, there is no indication Mr. Ezell will oppose the continuing resolution that will give up more power to our current weaponized government.

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