The Mug Shot Heard Around The World – Truth Thursday/The Rob Maness Show EP 237

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They will do anything to keep Americans from voting for Donald J. Trump in 2024. That’s just the truth and every known fact supports it. The question we citizens are asking is if Joe Biden won with 81 million votes ion 2020, what the hell are they afraid of? His main GOP opponent keeps saying President Trump can’t win the general even though he is polling in the low 60’s in many primary polls and leading Biden in most head to head polls. But the knives are out on the republican side and the first state to be known to actively consider barring Trump from the ballot is republican lead New Hampshire. But the people aren’t having it, since the mugshot, the Trump campaign has raised over $7 million dollars, $over 20 million total in August, and the funds keep coming in! Mr. Trump’s polling only improved dramatically after the failed fox news debate where he and Tucker Carlson saw over 250 million views on their interview while the also-rab debaters on Fox saw less than half what the channel got in the last GOP primary debate in 2016, under 13 million. We the people aren’t having it, we will continue to support this man because he worked hard for us for four years and continues to be the only candidate who really wants to work for us the next four years.

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Col. Rob Maness
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