‘That Sh*t Gangsta!’: Black Voters Rally Around Trump After Historic Mugshot

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Black voters are sounding off on the left’s weaponization of the justice system against former President Donald Trump, claiming his mugshot has given him a major boost in street cred.

The black community took to social media to rally behind the 45th president as he was booked at the Fulton County jail on Thursday on more than a dozen felony charges related to getting to the bottom of election fraud in 2020.

“An ex-president with a f*ckin’ mugshot! And what if he wins? What if he wins in 2024? Boy, it’s over. You won’t be able to stop him!” one man said on TikTok.

Another man said that “Trump is a brother now.”

“You go to jail in Zone 6 Atlanta, you a brother, straight up,” he said. “They fucked up. N*ggas like n*ggas that went to jail. They believe in that shit.”

“These so-called blacks nowadays, we rockin’ with Trump. Even the youth. They know what time it is, man,” another man said.

“If that n*gga Trump get convicted of this crime and still run for president, I’m voting for his ass. I’m votin’ for that n*gga, I’m voting for him!” another man said.

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“I think it’s a really good thing for the black community,” another man said of Trump’s mugshot. “Because when you look at it, the Democrats really kind of forced the crime community on black people, bringing rappers to the White House etc. And every time a mugshot come out of those said rappers, their album goes crazy.”

“Now that Trump is no longer a stranger to the culture, he’s a part of it. It’s gonna backfire. It’s the worst thing they could’ve ever done and the best thing we could’ve ever gotten,” he said.

A crowd of Blacks for Trump gathered in the streets of Atlanta to cheer the former president on as his motorcade drove by on his way to turn himself in.

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