Shock Video: Shopkeeper Opens Fire on Gun-Wielding Thieves in Bay Area

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Armed suspects were sent running when an alert employee opened fire as they approached the entrance of a gas station in California last week, according to reports.

The harrowing incident unfolded just after 2 a.m. on Friday in Oakland.

Surveillance footage of the foiled ambush was provided to local media by owner Ahmed Ali.

A pair of would-be thieves carrying a rifle and pistol can be seen lurking in the parking lot before running away in panic.

“A number of biz owners have reached out to me, fed UP w/crime in Oakland,” KGO-TV anchor Dion Lim reported on Monday. “A man named Ahmed told me armed men approached one of his stores Friday.”

“He says an employee saw what was happening on surveillance & fired which resulted in the suspects running away.”

Ali shared footage from a robbery at another of his Oakland businesses with ABC7.

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Suspects can be seen using an SUV to rip a security gate off the front entrance and running inside.

“[They grabbed] all the expensive liquor, broke into the office, took all the money,” he said. “The damage was about $30,000.”

“They were in there shopping. They were in there for maybe… 10 minutes.”

“It is very dangerous and we have never seen it this bad,” Ali told ABC7. “They come in groups and don’t even seem to care they are caught on video.”

“We pay city tax, property tax, business tax. We pay all these taxes and where is the protection? You call 911 – it takes five minutes just to get through.”

InfoWars has been documenting the surge of crime across the United States, including ‘street takeovers,’ smash-and-grab loot mobs, and physical attacks on innocent victims.

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