Shock Video: Dystopic Scenes as California Skateboard Event Spirals Into Chaos

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A skateboarding event in California spiraled out of control over the weekend as crowds lit fires, discharged fireworks, and attacked police and emergency responders, according to reports.

The chaotic incident unfolded on Saturday night in Los Angeles.

Hosted by F**king Awesome World Entertainment and Adidas Skateboarding, Skate Jam Hollywood attracted around 1,500 people as professional skateboarders performed tricks and a punk band played.

But as the evening wore on, attendees began lighting off fireworks and setting fires, prompting a response from local authorities.

Videos and photos showing dystopic scenes have been circulating on social media.

When riot police moved in to break up the wild party, officers were reportedly pelted with bottles and rocks.

A Los Angeles Fire Department truck was defaced with graffiti during the mayhem, KTLA reports.

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Three people were arrested and charged with vandalism, according to reports.

InfoWars has been documenting the surge of crime across the United States, including ‘street takeovers,’ smash-and-grab loot mobs, and physical attacks on innocent victims.

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