Shock Video: Driver Fleeing Cop Mows Down Pedestrians During Illegal ‘Street Takeover’

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The driver of a truck ran over pedestrians while fleeing a police officer during an illegal ‘street takeover’ in Atlanta, according to reports.

The shocking incident reportedly unfolded over the weekend in the Midtown neighborhood of Georgia’s capital city.

Footage shot by multiple witnesses has been circulating on social media.

A black pickup can be seeing doing doughnuts in the middle of a crowded intersection in broad daylight as participants and bystanders gather around and uninvolved drivers sit in gridlock.

Suddenly, a Georgia State Patrol car speeds into the melee and the driver of the truck attempts to escape.

The truck begins to accelerate down a busy street and through a crowd of people running from the scene.

After the truck strikes multiple pedestrians, the driver slows down, giving the officer an opportunity to execute a PIT maneuver.

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The cop jumps from his vehicle with weapon drawn, climbs on the hood of his patrol car, and drags the suspect out of his side window.

It is unclear what injuries the victims may have suffered or what charges the driver may face at the time of this writing.

Infowars has frequently reported on the surge of dangerous ‘street takeovers’ or ‘side shows,’ which have become a serious and widespread issue across the United States.

Investigative journalist Nick Sortor joins The Alex Jones Show to discuss his recent run-ins with strange people stalking and harassing him as he reports on the Maui fire disaster.

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