Japanese McDonald’s Commercial Goes Viral for Promoting Nuclear Family

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A McDonald’s ad in Japan, simply featuring a mother and father enjoying a meal with their daughter, is being praised for its wholesome depiction of the traditional nuclear family.

The commercial, advertised on the McDonald’s Japan X account Wednesday, shows the happy parents eating a chicken nugget combo from the popular fast-food joint at their kitchen table, as their daughter is ecstatic to be fed a french fry.

Despite its simplicity, the short ad was praised for its pro-natalist messaging and positive depiction of the traditional nuclear family noticeably absent from Western media as of late.

“This is a McDonald’s ad from Japan. The reason this ad blew up is because it’s alien to us, for the West is no longer capable of producing basic messaging that speaks to the core of being human,” summarized one X user.

“McDonald’s Japan promotes having a family as a plus, yet here in the west, this is frowned upon,” wrote another X user, adding, “We need more stuff like this. Not kids being seen in a drag show.”

Others also took note of the lack of social justice themes and racial propaganda, divisive narratives frequently crammed down the throats of consumers in other countries.

Oliver Jia, an American-based researcher living in Japan took the opportunity to highlight the stark juxtaposition between McDonald’s in Japan and America, pointing out Japanese restaurants have “way fresher food, friendlier staff, and the restaurants generally clean means you see kids studying there for hours.”

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One user theorized the pro-family message could have something to do with Japan’s falling birth rates, which recently hit a record low.

Is Japan trying to inject pro-family propaganda into advertising to save its plummeting population? If so, the subtle messaging certainly puts a new spin on the adage, “If the situation were hopeless the propaganda wouldn’t be necessary.”

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