Elon Musk Set to Bring Alex Jones Back to Twitter? “No More Canceling. Enough is Enough”

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Tech billionaire & X boss Elon Musk’s latest indictment against cancel culture has many anticipating the return of radio host Alex Jones to the platform.

“No more canceling,” said Musk in a now-viral post. “Enough is enough.”

Musk was responding to social media influencer Ian Miles Cheong calling out the coordinated nature & timing of the rape accusations against popular comedian and podcaster Russell Brand.

Almost immediately, the denizens of X asked if Musk’s sentiments meant the return of the most banned man on the internet, Alex Jones.

Notably, Jones released a statement Saturday calling out the witch-hunt against Brand.

“The matrix is coming after Russell Brand. Anybody that challenges the globalists, anybody that challenges Big Pharma, anybody that’s popular that comes out against the establishment is gonna be accused of assaulting women,” said Jones. “No one ever accused [Brand] for the last 15 years of assault, like they say he’s a big sweetheart. Now, because he comes out against Big Pharma, he comes out against the globalists, he comes out against the New World Order, suddenly the allegations are happening to him.”

“They want to punish people and destroy people that decide to stand with humanity. I stand with Russell Brand. He’s completely innocent. That’s why we have a statute of limitations, so people 10 years later can’t make stuff up when you’re ultra-famous.”

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