Assassin? Armed Man With Fake U.S. Marshal Badge Arrested At RFK Jr. Event

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A man was arrested Friday after being caught posing as a federal agent while attending an event in Los Angeles, California featuring Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

According to a social media post by Kennedy, the security team working the Hispanic Heritage event spotted the man “wearing two shoulder holsters with loaded pistols and spare ammunition magazines,” and “carrying a U.S. Marshal badge on a lanyard and beltclip federal ID.”

The man claimed to be working security for the event, but the actual security team, Gavin de Becker and Associates, detained him after clarifying he was not a part of their company.

The Democrat presidential candidate again publicly requested Secret Service protection, writing, “I’m still entertaining a hope that President Biden will allow me Secret Service protection. I am the first presidential candidate in history to whom the White House has denied a request for protection.”

Infowars published an article in late July, titled, “Deep State Wants Him Dead: Biden Admin Denies Secret Service Protection To RFK Jr,” noting the denial is even more cruel given the history of assassinations of Kennedy family members.

In fact, as podcast host and biology professor Bret Weinstein pointed out, the “incident occurred less two miles from the site where RFK [Sr.] was gunned down in 1968.”

Another X account wrote, “Imagine what it’d be like to lose both your father & your uncle—only to be denied Secret Service protection while following in their footsteps. RFK Jr. is a brave man & deserves far better than how the Biden Admin is treating him—their actions are disgraceful and un-American.”

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Alex Jones has repeatedly warned the Deep State could try to assassinate Kennedy as he’s presenting anti-globalist narratives to Democrat voters who’ve been kept in a mainstream media echo chamber.

During a discussion with Joe Rogan in June, RFK admitted he is putting his life in danger by speaking out about the assassinations of his uncle and his father, and that he “takes precautions” to ensure the CIA doesn’t kill him.

Last month, Kennedy claimed he may have been denied Secret Service protection by Alejandro Mayorkas, the Head of the Department of Homeland Security, following his public criticism of Biden’s wide-open borders.

Kennedy made the assertion in an interview with Jimmy Dore, noting “It may explain why Mayorkas doesn’t want to give me Secret Service, because I was very critical.”

The Epoch Times spoke with an LAPD spokesman, who said, “The FBI might take over the investigation of the case later, but further details of potential charges are unavailable until the suspect is officially booked.”

LAPD later revealed it will remain the lead agency on the case, that the suspect will “probably be booked on a gun charge,” and provided no further information.

It’s obviously crucial for the public and Kennedy’s camp to learn more information about the armed individual’s background.

Watch Kennedy’s speech at the event below:

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