American Kids Will Die For Ukraine | The Rob Maness Show EP 244

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Former Vice President Pence says the quiet part out loud, he is prepared to send our kids into Ukraine if necessary. The most ridiculous statements tend to come from the warmonger presidential candidates. As you can see, he spouts the tired talking points of the highly discredited domino theory that has been used by American security state acolytes since the 1960s to send Americans to their deaths or a lifetime of shattered bodies in wars that don’t matter to us or our national security. Ukraine’s border is not in our vital national interest, period. The counter offensive drags on. Yes, Ukraine successfully struck a submarine and amphibious ship in Dry Dock and have made some small gains along the front lines, but the Russian Armed Forces continuously defend and counterattack successfully. The Ukraine Armed Forces continue to be mired far from primary Russian defensive lines with no positive outlook on a breakout any time soon. Is it worth it? Russian estimates of UAF killed in action is approximately 70K just in the counteroffensive.

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Col. Rob Maness
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