‘A Lot of Our Gun Safes Aren’t Actually Safe’: Jan. 6 Suspect Raided By FBI Addresses Liberty Safe Controversy

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The man filmed being arrested recently on Jan. 6 allegations has come forward addressing the backlash that ensued following news the manufacturer of his home gun safe, Liberty Safe, turned over his combination to the FBI.

On Wednesday, Nathan Hughes issued a video response to the controversy that has engulfed the safe company, describing how he came home to a ransacked and raided home, in addition to an open gun safe.

“I guess the FBI called Liberty Safes and Liberty Safes gave them a master code to get into my gun safe,” Hughes explained in a video posted to X, adding, “I didn’t even know that was a thing.”

He continued: “And I come home to see my safe is open after I got out of jail. So, pretty crazy. Didn’t know safe companies would do that.”

“So, I feel like a lot of our gun safes are not actually safe,” he added, though he did not elaborate on his potential charges.

Liberty Safe came under fire on social media Wednesday after word spread they immediately complied with the FBI’s request for Hughes’ safe combination, despite the fact no warrant or subpoena had been presented compelling them to comply with the request.

After an attempt to tamp down the controversy with a statement admitting fault went in vain, Liberty Safe regrouped and on Wednesday night unveiled a new policy enabling customers to delete their master safe combinations from the company’s database.

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“Today, we are announcing a change that empowers our customers with greater control over their information: Effective immediately, existing customers can visit www.libertysafe.com/pages/combination-removal and fill out the form to have records of their access codes expunged,” the company announced.

The company also indirectly acknowledged their willingness to share safe codes with the FBI, declaring, “Going forward we will require a subpoena that legally compels Liberty Safe to supply access codes but you can only do so if these codes still exist in our system.”

Liberty Safe’s new policies were met with mixed reactions on social media, with many expressing the company could not be redeemed from their egregious violation of trust.

Others, meanwhile, thought the company was making a good faith effort to rebuild confidence.

Some online pointed out the company’s admission basically meant they had previously complied with other requests to turn over safe combinations.

Digging deeper into the company, TPUSA founder and president Charlie Kirk discovered the Liberty Safe was bought by a liberal East Coast investment firm Monomoy Capital Partners in 2021 which has made major contributions to Democrat politicians in the past.

“I pulled the FEC reports on the company and found approximately $400,000 over the last 10 cycles of max donations to Democrats like: Raphael Warnock in GA, John Fetterman in PA, Mandela Barnes in WI, Mark Kelly in AZ,” Kirk highlighted on X.

“Liberty Safe’s current CEO, Justin Hillenbrand, was a founding partner of Monomoy and donated $4,600 to Obama for America. And we’re supposed to be surprised they betrayed their customers to the FBI as quickly as humanly possible? Boycott Liberty Safe.”

Can the company’s promises to turn over a new leaf save it from suffering the same fate as Bud Light? Or is this the beginning of the end for “America’s #1 heavy-duty home and gun safe manufacturer”?

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