Tim Who? GOP Establishment Backs Political Unknown in Key Senate Race | The Rob Maness Show EP 224

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You’re a political unknown, you can’t win. That is what I heard over and over in my first US Senate race after I retired from the military but it was obviously all just baloney pushed by Senate GOP leadership that wanted former Democrat Bill Cassidy to replace the 3-term Democrat incumbent, Mary Landrieu. Here we are today, with that same leadership pushing a complete political unknown because they say he’s “moderate enough to get elected” and the actual conservative candidate already lost by a very narrow margin the last time. That was the real problem I gave them too, I was running on what would become known as America First policies and the establishment knew they wouldn’t be able to control me. So, Montana conservatives are just going to have to suck it up and accept the moderate candidate. Clearly the false narrative that only moderate GOP candidates can win is the establishment’s fall-back position for backing these candidates. Well Montanan conservatives are pushing back, and they should, hard.
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