The Gender Cultists Are Lying. They’re Mutilating the Young and Vulnerable

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“That’s not happening.”

It’s the most common refrain from gender ideologues trying to convince Americans that their ideology hasn’t gone too far and isn’t targeting children and others who are vulnerable.

As a horrifying tale out of the Tavistock gender clinic in England demonstrates, this is an insidious lie meant to cover up the fact that young patients are indeed undergoing irreversible surgeries. 

Tavistock, thankfully, is set to close. But not before attempting to warp the life of an innocent young woman.

The 22-year-old, using the pseudonym Al to protect her identity, was approved for permanent, gender-driven surgery even though she had a litany of mental health issues.

The Daily Mail reported that Al “has a total of 14 diagnoses” including “mild mental retardation, attachment disorder, emotion dysregulation, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, oppositional defiant disorder and autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia, severe anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and low self-esteem.”

The kicker? Al can’t read or write due to a traumatic childhood with her drug-addled mother that precluded her from having a normal school life.

An illiterate 22-year-old with a smorgasbord of mental disorders is the last person who should be receiving sterilizing surgery that removes perfectly healthy organs.

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It evokes eugenics—a stain on medicine from the last century. And yet, she was approved for procedures that supposedly only occur after a slew of intense psychological counseling sessions.

Thus, the lie of gender ideologues. In pretending that they aren’t engaged in large-scale mutilation of vulnerable populations in Mengele-esque experiments, they’ve become masters of PR who are willing to lie and cheat to convince the world they aren’t monsters.

Worse, they claim that those attempting to stop the madness are the real monsters.

Claims of transgender genocide have become more common as states across the nation push the brakes on gender-based procedures for children. As if preventing a healthy, albeit confused, child from removing functioning parts of his or her body is akin to large-scale extermination.

And besides, the gender ideologues claim, children aren’t getting these treatments anyway.

Another lie.

Gender clinic whistleblower Jaime Reed swore in an affidavit that she saw firsthand how employees of St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s Washington University Transgender Center repeatedly lied to parents, patients, and the public about what procedures were being performed on children.

Reed said the center’s staff provided “puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to children without complete informed parental consent and without an appropriate or accurate assessment of the needs of the child.”

Reed herself is a lesbian married to a man who thinks he’s a woman who previously worked for Planned Parenthood. So, she’s not exactly the stereotypical right-wing standard-bearer.

Nonetheless, legacy media outlets endlessly tried to discredit Reed. In one baffling report, NBC News parroted that following an internal investigation, the transgender center had found that there were no issues and that Reed’s statements were bunk.

“The review affirmed that physicians and staff at the center follow appropriate policies and procedures and treat patients according to the accepted standards of care as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and other nationally recognized organizations,” center officials said in a written statement.

No reason for them to lie about their own clinic, right?

Yet the lies from the Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital were so egregious that even The New York Times was forced to admit that children were receiving hormones there:

Becky Hormuth, a teacher in St. Charles, Mo., praised the center’s doctors for their approach to her son’s mental health. The doctors diagnosed her 15-year-old with autism, she said, and connected him with a dietitian to help treat his eating disorder—before prescribing testosterone. Now, at 16, her son is ‘better than he’s ever been.’

Although the Times couched the admission in glowing terms, the reality is that an autistic teenager was pumped full of testosterone. This directly contradicts the mantra that these types of interventions don’t happen to minors.

And just as with Al in the U.K., there’s that autism diagnosis.

Vulnerable populations, many of them children, are being targeted for gender transitions by radicals preying on their insecurities and weakness.

“That’s not happening,” they’ll plead, hoping the public will ignore the evidence right before its eyes.

But it is happening. And it’s becoming more obvious every day.  

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