Poll: 83% Of Democrats Deny There’s Any Border Crisis

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A Gallup poll has revealed that a massive 83 percent of Democratic voters deny that there is any border crisis in the U.S. despite more than 7 million illegal immigrants being encountered since Joe Biden took office.

The poll notes that only 17% of Democrats believe there’s currently a crisis at the southwest border, a huge 20 point drop on figures recorded in 2019.

The gaslighting has worked!

The Gallup poll also found that 75% of Democrats say they’re “somewhat sympathetic” toward illegal immigrants currently living in the country, with 38% saying they are “very sympathetic.”

The findings come amid reports of some 40 percent of illegals who were caught and released into the country having never been seen or heard from again, with up to 80 percent not even being issued a court summons.



Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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