Parody: Alex Jones Sings Viral Song ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’

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Oliver Anthony’s gritty coal country balled “Rich Men North of Richmond” has taken the political world by storm as the viral blue-collar song hit #1 on iTunes globally.

That’s when someone decided to infuse even more patriotic fervor into the hit song with an AI-rendered Alex Jones superimposed over Anthony’s performance.

In a statement on Thursday, Anthony said his song was meant to bring Americans together who were frustrated by the establishment selling out America and stripping away our God-given rights.

When is enough, enough? When are we going to fight for what is right again? MILLIONS have died protecting the liberties we have. Freedom of speech is such a precious gift. Never in world history has the world had the freedom it currently does. Don’t let them take it away from you. 

Just like those once wandering in the desert, we have lost our way from God and have let false idols distract us and divide us. It’s a damn shame.

Alex Jones’ likeness has frequently been used for musical collaborations and videos, including the mega viral parody indie song in the style of Bon Iver called “I’m Angry.”

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