Knife-Wielding Jihadist Attacks “Non-Muslims” in France

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A suspect wielding a blade was arrested after he targeted random “non-Muslims” at a lake in France this week, according to reports.

The disturbing incident unfolded on Monday afternoon at Lake Créteil, located in the Paris metro region.

“Armed with a knife, a man tried to attack ‘non-Muslim’ passers-by,” Actu Val-de-Marne reports.

Police quickly intervened and prevented any serious injuries.

“The psychiatric examination of the detainee concluded that he had lost his capacity for discernment,” the public prosecutor said on Tuesday.

“A request to the prefecture for hospitalization without consent is underway.”

As French journalist Damien Rieu pointed out, acts of violent jihad have become so commonplace in France, they often go nearly unreported.

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“Islamist terrorist attacks are no longer even covered by the media. It doesn’t go beyond small, confidential news sites,” Rieu tweeted on Wednesday.

Infowars frequently reports on crimes in France, many of which are committed by suspects of foreign origin or background.

We must not allow our emotions to blind us from logic and reason.

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