Featured ‘Crazy Lines Around the World’: Video Shows Dozens Lined Up To Scan Irises for Worldcoin Crypto Program

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Footage circulating on social media shows a line of people supposedly queued up to get their eyes scanned as part of the “Worldcoin” cryptocurrency initiative.

OpenAI CEO and Bilderberg attendee Sam Altman documented the third day of his latest product’s launch on Twitter, writing, “day 3 of @worldcoin launch, crazy lines around the world.”

“One person getting verified every 8 seconds now,” he added.

The Worldcoin initiative aims to install silver “orbs” around the globe that scan an individual’s irises to establish the user’s unique identity, and then issue a “World ID,” or digital passport.

The ID would then be linked to a digital currency token called WLD, which the company says will be connected to an “AI-funded UBI” [Universal Basic Income] that will be paid out to users just for “being human.”

Worldcoin has already reached 2 million users, and is currently expanding its global orb deployment to 35 cities in 20 countries.

Infowars has previously noted Worldcoin contains all the elements of a future totalitarian currency structure touted by the World Economic Forum and central banks akin to their Central Bank Digital Currency agenda.

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Furthermore, the Worldcoin developers in a May interview couldn’t elaborate on how exactly the WLD token would be distributed, which drew a lot of online criticism and comparisons to defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

The globalists are increasing their attacks on Infowars and the stakes have never been higher!

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