Dem. Congressman Brutally Mocked Over Ridiculous 9-Hour Hunger, Thirst Strike Stunt

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Dem. Congressman Brutally Mocked Over Ridiculous 9-Hour Hunger, Thirst Strike Stunt

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Democrat Rep. Greg Casar (Texas) was brutally mocked online after he bragged about going on a 9-hour food and water strike.

The far-left former Austin, Texas, city council member tweeted about his “feat” on Wednesday, ridiculously claiming the stunt was in protest of a new Texas law that bans workers from being able to take water breaks.

The incident was made all the more hilarious as Casar posted photos of himself wearing a heart-rate monitor while staffers cooled him down with towels and checked his blood pressure.

Casar’s political stunt, which attracted other prominent Democrats including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) for photo ops, was blasted online after he boasted about the brief food and beverage hiatus, which is comparably the same amount of time a person goes without food and water while sleeping every night, or equates to skipping a meal.

Infowars host Harrison Smith joined in on the mockery committing to a 9-hour thirst and hunger strike in solidarity with Casar.

The freshman rep’s dumb ploy, which was reminiscent of AOC’s crying stunt in front of a parking lot, was also assailed by the dreaded, embarrassing Twitter ratio.

As usual, the issue is being blown out of proportion by the woke left fraudsters, as HB 2127 nowhere specifically mentions water breaks or workers, but instead prohibits counties and local municipalities from establishing “their own regulations of commerce that are different than the state ’s regulations” in order to prevent “a patchwork of regulations that apply inconsistently across this state.”

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In some areas, that means local ordinances mandating water breaks for outdoor workers could be overridden; however, that doesn’t mean workers wouldn’t receive water breaks altogether, which the left would have you believe is the issue at hand.

The nuances of the law were hilariously made clear in a Twitter Community Notes info bubble attached to a Rep. AOC tweet, explaining, “The law standardizes health and safety standards statewide, so there is not a hodgepodge of regulations in different cities. Water breaks and other heat safety standards still apply.”

Despite the egregious misrepresentation of the Texas bill, Joe Biden proceeded Thursday to echo the talking point that workers are being denied water.

The left’s embellishment of the issue was made apparent in an article earlier this month by the Texas Observer, which tried to claim 25 people had died “from heat after governor bans mandatory water breaks,” but then went on to list only three workers whose deaths could have been due to heat exhaustion since the bill’s passage on June 6, before going on to point out “the precise nature of [the] worker deaths is being investigated.”

Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R-Texas) office has also pushed back against the left’s pathetic narrative, saying that “ensuring the safety of Texans is a top priority as our state experiences high summer heat.”

In the end, Casar’s idiotic stunt only proved how foolish he and the Democrat party are, and how the left disingenuously misrepresents legislation they oppose.

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