Unhinged Democrat State Sen. Declares ‘F*** the Suburbs’ In Expletive-Laden Floor Speech On Rising Crime

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A Democrat state senator from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, used vulgar obscenities to announce she’s unconcerned with crime spreading outside of the city and into the suburbs.

In a head-turning declaration Wednesday, State Sen. LaTonya Johnson (District 6) exclaimed, “Fuck the suburbs because they don’t know a goddamn thing about how life is in the city.”

Context for Johnson’s outburst was provided by AP reporter Scott Bauer, who explained her words came during a discussion on crime.

“Wisconsin Democratic state @StateSenLaTonya uses the f-word at the conclusion of a floor speech detailing crime in Milwaukee and concerns about it spreading from the city to the suburbs,” Bauer described.

Fond du Lac County district attorney and Wisconsin DA’s Association President Eric Toney remarked people in the cities deserve to feel as safe as people in the suburbs, adding, “I pray we agree on this,” in a tweet directed toward Sen. Johnson.

Conservative news outlet Wisconsin Right Now noted it’s good Sen. Johnson let suburbanites understand how she feels so they know how to vote in the next election.

Let suburbanites in Wisconsin understand how Democrats see them – they want them to f*ck off – drawing no distinction by political party. It is somewhat reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s basket of deplorables and Tommy Thompson’s “stick it to ’em,” referring to taxpayers in Waukesha and Milwaukee over the new Brewers stadium tax. In other words, it’s one of those moments when a politician states in crystal clear terms how their party sees a group of folks.

Johnson’s vulgarities come as crime continues to be a major problem in Milwaukee, according to the Badger Institute.

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“In fact, compared to 2019, overall crime in Milwaukee is up 22.6%, with violent crime up 15.6% and property crime up 26% from three years ago,” the non-profit Wisconsin group wrote in a report last March.

Milwaukee was also ranked third for violent crime nationwide last month by SafeHome.org, which bases its stats on FBI numbers.

Unsurprisingly, the Democrat-led city of Milwaukee was one of the blue cities across the country that promoted “defund the police” efforts just three years ago.

So rather than fix the issue they’ve caused, Democrats are happy exporting their problems onto innocent civilians in the suburbs who likely moved there to escape violent crime.

When will Democrats be held responsible for their bad policies that are endangering citizens?

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