Shut Up And Atone For Your Whiteness | Training Tuesday | The Rob Maness Show EP216

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That’s right, you’ll atone, or you won’t get into college or get a great job! Well, heads up, racism is wrong in any form. Preventing any American from the opportunity to succeed in life is antithetical to our foundational idea and using the law to do it is repugnant to the Constitution. That is essentially what the Supreme Court of the United States said was happening when it struck down affirmative action in college admissions at Harvard and the University of North Carolina. Of course, the howling from the Marxist left in America began and continues to screech that “diversity” will be hurt if colleges must admit more Asians. How stupid is that? Yes, the court found in favor of Students For Fair Admissions, a group representing Asian students being discriminated against by these two prestigious schools.
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