Shock Video: Passengers Stabbed With Broken Bottle During Brawl on Plane

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A flight to the Caribbean turned ugly when passengers were stabbed with a broken bottle by another traveler this week, according to reports.

The shocking incident unfolded on Sunday aboard a British Airways plane bound for St. Lucia from London’s Gatwick Airport.

During the journey, a group of men were supplied with copious amounts of alcohol as they caroused for hours and became aggressive towards other fliers, witnesses told the Daily Mail.

“A handful of men were lingering at the back of plane for hours, loudly partying with an endless supply of alcohol provided by the BA staff,” a female passenger said.

“They approached numerous women on the flight, myself and a fellow passenger were grabbed by the arm when we passed by and pulled back as they tried to engage us.”

“Staff saw this and did not intervene, contributing to the escalating atmosphere. Hours passed with women unable to access the loos,” she explained.

Other passengers say flight crew turned a blind eye as the men harassed females, appearing to be “too intimidated to regain control.”

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Eventually, a fight broke out and multiple men were slashed with a broken wine bottle.

Footage shot by a witness has been circulating on social media.

“One man got stabbed in the torso and the other guy in the back of the head before another gentleman and myself were able to calm down this guy who purchased a duty free wine bottle which he used to commit the act,” a female flier told the Mail.

Photos obtained by The Sun show damage in the kitchen area and blood stains in multiple locations throughout the cabin.

Officers and medics boarded the plane when it landed in St. Lucia, arrested the suspect and brought the injured passengers to hospital.

Infowars has been reporting on the surge of violent episodes at airports and on planes in recent years.

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