Returning To Our Constitutional Designer’s Central Idea | The Rob Maness Show EP220

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The Constitution never mentions political parties, but our current federal government is rife with partisanship, even in the unelected executive branch and its once-vaunted apolitical civil service. The House of Representatives was so partisan under the last speaker, Nancy Pelosi, that no objective observer could ever say she was speaker of the “whole house” as all speakers before her at least attempted to be. Our budgetary process has been a literal joke for decades. The tough questions asked in committee hearings about each piece of proposed legislation, especially the 12 budget bills that the House is supposed to consider and pass that produced common sense legislation as the constitutional designers intended, are only a distant memory for America, until now. We have an opportunity to change under this new House of Representatives, not give in to the other side’s crazy ideas, but return to what was intended by the framers.
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