Ex-Def. Sec. Esper: Trump Can’t Be Trusted With the Nation’s Secrets If Allegations True

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Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper emerged on CNN to trash former President Donald Trump on Sunday, claiming he can’t be trusted with America’s secrets if the allegations in the federal indictment brought by the Justice Department are true.

Anchor Jake Tapper asked him, “What was your reaction when you learned from the indictment that Trump had all of these documents pertaining to very sensitive topics, classified topics, just lying around Mar-a-Lago and, in some instances, showing them to people without classified clearance, allegedly. Do you think his actions put America’s national security at risk?”

Esper said, “The revelations are very troubling, disturbing, and yes, I do. If the allegations are true that it contained information about our nation’s security, about our vulnerabilities, about other items, it could be quite harmful to the nation.”

“Look, no one is above the law. And so I think this process needs to play out and people held to account. The president held to account.”

Tapper followed up: “Based on your experiences working with the Trump and the actions alleged in the indictment, do you think Trump can be trusted with the nation’s secrets ever again?”

Esper said that if the allegations laid out by Special Counsel Jack Smith’s indictment against Trump are true, then “no.”

“It’s just irresponsible action that places our service members at risk, places our nation’s securities at risk,” Esper said. “You cannot have these documents floating around. They need to be secured. We know how that happens.”

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“Only authorized persons that are allowed to receive documents or receive information from documents. So we’ve got to take this very seriously. These are serious issues,” he added.

Esper is the latest former Trump official to throw his former boss under the bus.

Former Attorney General Bill Barr, former National Security Adviser John Bolton, and former Chief of Staff John Kelly also recently condemned Trump over the federal indictment last week.

What do these officials have in common?

If you’ve been an Infowars reader during the Trump administration, you’d know that these individuals were never truly aligned with Trump’s “America First” agenda — they were simply very good at stroking Trump’s ego to land cushy Cabinet positions with the goal of keeping him “under control.”

Their concerns about Trump’s handling of classified information don’t seem to be shared by the majority of Americans.

According to a recent Harvard poll, most Americans think Trump’s indictment constitutes election interference and believe he will be acquitted.

And if he’s not acquitted, the majority of Americans want Trump to be pardoned, according to the latest Harris poll.

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