Democrat Rep. Says ‘Two-Tiered System Of Justice’ Used Against Hunter Biden!

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In one of the most boneheaded remarks in recent political history, New York Democrat Congressman Daniel Goldman laughably claimed the United States has a “two-tiered system of justice” that has been unfair to Hunter Biden.

Standing alongside his pal in what looked like a creepy version of the famous American Gothic painting, Goldman told MSNBC’s Morning Joe the GOP and Donald Trump are trying to undermine American “institutions that hold the powerful accountable.”

He continued saying the GOP is attacking the Hunter Biden investigation as being soft on the president’s son to distract from the indictments of Trump.

Goldman went on to claim the Jack Smith investigation into Trump cannot be considered “political interference or a weaponization of the DOJ” because the special counsel is independent of the Justice Department.

Of course, Infowars and others have repeatedly exposed the globalist shill Jack Smith and his extremely left-leaning bias.

Smith has been serving as a UN war crimes prosecutor at the International Court of Justice in the Hague for the past decade and has a wife who produced a movie about former First Lady Michelle Obama and donated to President Biden’s campaign in 2020. 

Alex Jones exposes the corrupt globalist in the video below:

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After falsely claiming the Jack Smith investigation couldn’t be politicized because it’s not technically being run by the DOJ, Rep. Goldman said, “Based on my experience, I’m shocked Hunter Biden was even charged with these crimes. If you look at the history of civil and criminal enforcement of tax issues.”

Goldman compared the Hunter Biden tax case to the Roger Stone trial and alleged the fact that Hunter is even taking a plea deal “demonstrates a two-tiered system of justice against Hunter Biden, not at all in favor of Donald Trump or the Republicans.”

So, within a minute of claiming the GOP is trying to “undermine” American institutions that “hold the powerful accountable” by criticizing the Trump investigation, Goldman turned around and claimed the justice system is weaponized against Hunter Biden.

Meanwhile, IRS whistleblowers testified to Congress Wednesday to detail how the federal government has covered for Hunter Biden’s crimes.

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