Film Website IMDb Alters Rating System To Artificially Boost Disney’s Failing Little Mermaid Remake

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Top film, television and video game reviewing website IMDb decided to adjust its rating system in order to address the alleged “review bombing” of Disney’s remake of The Little Mermaid.

The move came after nearly 40% of users who rated the film gave one-star scores.

A screenshot taken from the IMDb page for the movie shows a whopping 18 thousand one-star votes compared to 8.3 thousand ten-star ratings.

At the bottom of the graph, IMDb admits the film’s true unweighted score is 4.7, but the skewed score currently boasted by the new Disney movie is 7.0.

At 7.0, The Little Mermaid has been artificially thrust to the top of the current “Most Popular Movies” on IMDb.

The website explained its reasoning for changing the rating system in a statement, writing, “Our rating mechanism has detected unusual voting activity on this title. To preserve the reliability of our rating system, an alternate weighting calculation has been applied.”

While many leftists are blaming the low scores on “racists” who are upset at The Little Mermaid‘s main character being changed from white to black, written reviews on IMDb reveal more technical criticisms of the film.

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A few of the low-score reviews on the website mentioned things such as “flat acting.” “flat singing,” poorly designed “CGI characters,” and “horrific” songs as reasons they disliked the movie they were excited to watch and had paid to see.

If the altered reviews of the new film make it difficult to truly get a grip on the public’s reaction to the movie, perhaps its box office performance could reveal the pulse of the people.

Left-wing outlet Deadline claimed, “The Little Mermaid could very well break-even,” before admitting it could also result in a $20 million loss for Disney.

However, according to Breitbart, “If the movie grosses just $600 million worldwide, that is a $200 million loss, and that kind of domestic gross is still a big ‘if.’ Over its opening weekend, the remake came in below expectations. So the idea it could gross $300 to $350 million domestically seems, well, optimistic.”

With each passing day, the phrase “Get Woke And Go Broke” becomes more and more accurate.

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