Ferocious Shootout Leaves 10 Dead, 4 Injured on Mexico Highway Near US Border

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A shootout between Mexican police and heavily-armed gangsters left 10 dead and four wounded on a highway near the U.S. border this week, according to reports.

The incident unfolded on Monday in Nuevo Leon state in northeastern Mexico.

Fuerza Civil officers on patrol on the Monterrey-Nuevo Laredo Highway were ambushed by men in armored pickup trucks.

“The confrontations took place this Monday afternoon in the stretch between kilometers 56 and 72 of the aforementioned highway, when the officers were attacked by the subjects,” authorities explained in a statement.

“In response, the agents repelled the aggression, which left 10 people dead (five at kilometer 56 and five more at kilometer 72) as well as four police officers injured: three by a rollover crash and one by a firearm; all are reported to be in stable condition.”

Footage from a crash site on the highway was shared on social media.

Police say they seized 12 large-caliber long guns, grenades, a hundred rounds of ammunition, three armored vans, nine helmets, and 13 ballistic vests.

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Chaos unfolds constantly along the U.S.-Mexico border, as Infowars regularly reports.

Alex Jones and Owen Shroyer call for Americans to rally on the Southern Border to fight back against human trafficking.

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