Feds Mocked After ‘White Supremacist’ in White House Ramming ‘False Flag’ Attack Revealed as ‘Sai Varshith Kandula’

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A man drove a U-Haul van into security barriers near the White House Monday night, with media reports immediately seizing on a Nazi swastika flag being found in the vehicle.

It has since emerged, however, the man was a 19-year-old Chesterfield, Missouri, resident by the name of “Sai Vashith Kandula,” devastating the media’s Nazi terror narrative and calling into question the credibility of the entire incident.


On social media, conservatives celebrated the media’s embarrassment and openly denounced the incident as a blatant false flag psyop orchestrated by corrupt federal agencies.

The feds were mocked mercilessly for having a “diversity hire” carry out their staged terror attack, including by former President Donald Trump’s son Don Jr. who shared a photo of Kandula commenting, “Clearly a white supremacist.”

Don Jr. also suggested the feds were likely behind the attack and chastised them over the terrible “job creating fake crimes and fake hate.”

“If the threat of White Supremacy to the republic is so real and so prevalent, why does it seem like they have to outsource all of the hate???” he added.

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It was also pointed out the swastika flag appeared to have been perfectly laid out for a photo op.

The timing of the incident appears suspicious as it comes just ten days after installed President Joe Biden named “White supremacy … the single most dangerous terrorist threat in our homeland,” during a graduation speech at Howard University.

The Indian-American Nazi terror attack comes after the media blamed a mass shooting outside a mall in Dallas, Texas, on a hispanic white supremacist, who they bent over backwards to claim is a subsection of the population that totally exists.

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