Breaking: Tucker Carlson Launches New ‘Tucker on Twitter’ Show

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Tucker Carlson, who’s been off the air since his ouster at Fox News in April, has just premiered a new online news series called “Tucker on Twitter.”

Carlson announced the development in a tweet Tuesday evening with only the caption, “Ep. 1.”

Carlson opened the segment of his new show with analysis of the recent destruction of a key dam in Russian-occupied Ukraine that has resulted in mass evacuations of ethnic Russian villages.

“If this was intentional, it was not a military tactic, it was an act of terrorism,” Carlson said.

“The question is: who did it?”

Carlson’s analysis is remarkably similar to that of retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, who concluded based on Ukraine’s penchant for terror attacks and the fact the dam was Russian-built and in the Russian-occupied Kherson region, that Ukraine was likely the responsible party.

It will be telling to see how many views Tucker’s tweet racks up over the next 24 hours. It will likely blow past the average viewership of other cable news programs.

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