What Happened to Kaitlan Collins? CNN Moderator Bashed Soros, Open Borders in 2015 Fox Interview

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An unearthed Fox News interview from 2015 shows how CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins, who moderated CNN’s town hall with Trump, has drastically shifted from right to left on the political spectrum.

In the interview, Collins who previously worked for conservative news outlet The Daily Caller discussed a billionaire George Soros’ funding of the globalist open border agenda through his numerous NGOs.

“Ok so, George Soros is this foreign-born left-wing guy who essentially wants to change the nature of our country,” Collins said in the interview.

“And, in this data dump, one of the memos was about the refugee crisis and it made three points,” Collins continued. “They think that they’ve been successful in influencing immigration police across the world. They think that the refugee crisis is an opportunity to continue doing so, and they think the refugee crisis is the new normal.”

She went on to say, “George Soros is this guy who is a staunch advocate for open borders. He wants people to be able to go wherever they want, whenever they want, for whatever reason. And for him, he sees this immigration policy, this crisis, as a vehicle to further his immigration agenda.”

Collins’ previous criticisms of globalization are a sharp 180 degree reversal from her current gig at CNN, where she was tasked with taking down former president and staunch anti-globalist Donald Trump.

After the CNN town hall spectacularly backfired, leftists outraged the network dared to platform Trump also dug into Collins’ past, unearthing previous social media posts deemed homophobic by the left which she apologized for in 2018.

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Despite her problematic tweets and her abysmal moderation of the Trump town hall, Collins who came onboard CNN in 2017 and worked as a White House correspondent is reportedly in line to anchor a primetime slot previously hosted by Chris Cuomo.

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