Watch – Fireworks at Day 2 of Kari Lake Election Trial as Expert Witness Challenges Signature Verification Time: ‘Don’t Believe It Can Be Done’

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Sparks flew inside the courtroom as day 2 of former Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s election trial challenging the signature verification process in Maricopa County unfolded Thursday.

Lake’s attorneys are arguing the signature verification process in Maricopa County was critically flawed, potentially allowing thousands of illegal ballots to be cast in the 2022 governor’s race.

Check out day 2 highlights below:

Maricopa County Election Director Reynaldo Valenzuela acknowledged employees had the ability to log in remotely and conduct signature verifications.

An expert signature witness testified he was tasked with looking into whether it was physically possible for signatures to be compared within a given timeframe.

The signature witness read out data showing signature verifier speeds recorded throughout the process, ultimately concluding there should have been a higher rejection rate for ballots that were sped through rather than a higher approval rate.

“It definitely seems counterintuitive,” he stated. “It’s also against my experience. The faster you go there would be a rejection. It’s easier to tell when something doesn’t match when you’re doing comparisons.”

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The witness continued reading out data showing over 46,000 ballots were approved at a rate of 97.23%, with over 37,000 ballots being approved in less than 6 seconds with an approval rate of 99.38%.

Asked his expert opinion in regards to a person physically being able to compare a signature in less than three seconds, the witness responded, “I don’t believe it can be done.”

The witness further added Maricopa County verifiers compared roughly 70,000 signatures in less than 2 seconds.

The witness reiterated his expert opinion it would be physically impossible for someone to properly verify so many signatures in the given timeframe, saying, “You can’t even compare ONE in that time. Obviously, it follows, you can’t compare two or three or four.”

The signature expert elaborated on his opinion using an analogy comparing thumbing through documents and claiming to have read them, saying, “The simple fact is that no one can read it that fast… The answer is you didn’t read it.”

The defense team was denied a motion for a direct verdict.

Watch entire segments from day two of the trial below:

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