Shocking Allegation: Jan. 6th Provocateur Ray Epps Accused of Pedophilia by Adopted Daughter

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The adopted daughter of notorious Jan. 6 provocateur Ray Epps, Tiffany, has come forward with startling allegations of pedophilia against the man who raised her.

In recent Twitter Space interviews hosted by independent journalist Dom Lucre, Tiffany Epps revealed she suffered years of physical and mental abuse and sexual molestation at the hands of her adopted father “James” Ray Epps.

After admitting she last spoke to her adopted father at her brother’s funeral six years ago, Tiffany said, “I don’t speak to him, because he’s a — he’s a fuckin’ pedophile. That’s why I don’t speak to him.”

Lucre acknowledged to Tiffany the FBI looks for people who are “compromised” to hire as assets.

Tiffany evidently brought receipts, with Lucre showing a certificate of adoption from the state of Arizona showing James Ray Epps and his wife Robyn indeed adopted her.

She has also presented childhood photos of herself with her adopted family.

In a follow-up interview, Tiffany claimed the Epps had adopted her while her biological family still had missing persons posters out searching for her, according to Lucre.

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“She also said her name was changed 6 times. She grew up in Arizona and he made them go to rural parts of Mexico to camp in tents,” Lucre added. “She has also said that he is a pedophile, so many recurring themes that are relevant today. When will people finally connect the dots?”

Tiffany’s Twitter timeline shows she’s become more vocal about the abuse she suffered as a child since her adopted father began receiving media attention for his involvement in the Jan. 6 fedsurrection.

Tiffany had previously appeared on camera for an interview with independent journalist Kyle Clifton back in 2021 where she admitted she also had concerns about Epps’ actions on Jan. 6.

Despite Epps being filmed encouraging people to storm the Capitol, and admitting to the J6 Committee that he “orchestrated” the riot, he has faced no prison time unlike other Jan. 6 defendants – leading to speculation he’s a protected federal informant.

Here are several video clips of Epps on Jan. 5 inciting people to breach the Capitol, prompting some in the crowd to call him a “fed.”

Here’s Epps claiming the “Capitol is our enemy” while arguing with people to break into the Capitol:

Here’s Epps helping coordinate the initial breach of the Capitol barricades and participating in clashes with police at the Capitol steps:

The shocking allegations against Epps come as CBS’ 60 Minutes program aired a friendly interview with him on Sunday.

The New York Times last year also published a puff piece defending Epps as a “victim of conspiracy theories.”

Tiffany is now seeking justice for her adopted father’s alleged crimes.

Infowars’ request for comment from Ms. Tiffany Epps was not returned by press time.

If the mainstream media is so obsessed with defending Epps, why have they turned a blind eye to the accusations of sexual molestation by his own adopted daughter?

The globalists are increasing their attacks on Infowars and the stakes have never been higher!

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