Pregnant Race Hoax Victim Will Sue ‘Media Who Defamed Her,’ Says Attorney

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The attorney for a pregnant nurse seen on viral video fighting over a Citi Bike in New York City claimed she plans to sue every media organization who characterized her as a “Karen, a racist and a thief.”

Attorney Justin Marino joined Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” on Friday to explain that contrary to mainstream media reporting that physician’s assistant Sarah Comrie was trying to steal a black man’s bike, she can prove she paid for the bike rental.

Comrie “got off a 12-hour shift at Bellevue Hospital and she tried to go home,” Marino explained. “She went to a vacant bike where no one was touching, no one was on. She mounted the bike, she paid for the bike.”

“She ended up actually pulling back off the docking station, and then around that time these individuals were claiming that was their bike. Someone pushed the bike while she was on it back into the docking station, so it locked again, and that’s where the rest of the video picks up.”

The video had been viewed tens of millions of times by the time evidence contradicting the mainstream media’s reports had begun to surface.

Comrie’s employer accepted the media’s reporting at face value and put her on leave pending review.

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“As a health system we are committed to providing an environment for our patients and our staff that is free of discrimination of any kind,” her hospital said in a statement.

Comrie has receipts showing she rented the bike, not the other individuals who were bickering with her, Marino noted.

“They show she rented the bike. The serial numbers match, so there’s no question that the bike that she is on in that video is a bike that she reserved. Race had nothing to do with it,” he said.

“There’s a reason defamation laws exist and we plan to pursue them,” he added.

When asked what media networks will be sued, Marino replied, “Every organization that referred her as a Karen, a racist, and a thief.”

“We’re looking to right a wrong,” he said. “We’re doing that here through the public, letting them know what happened, but we’re doing it through the court system as well so these institutions are going to think twice before they try to ruin someone’s life.”

Marino added, “We have no ill will towards these young men. And in fact, we wish them the best. Our focus here is on the media who defamed her.”

Will the mainstream media apologize for perpetuating another Jussie Smollet-style hate crime hoax, this time against an innocent nurse? Don’t hold your breath.

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